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Fool of Music (Compilation) - FREE DOWNLOAD

by Markus Reuter

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Nick Bradey
Nick Bradey thumbnail
Nick Bradey I already have the Stickmen releases and the 3 releases of Reuter's soundscapes from several Stickmen tours , and 2 releases with Pat Mastelotto -Totem and ZOOT . This only scratches the surface as this great compilation proves .
Marked Reuter is a true master .

Carsten Pieper
Carsten Pieper thumbnail
Carsten Pieper I became aware of Markus Reuter as a Stick Men member which is quite a Crimsoid affair. I then read, that he worked in various other projects within many other musical directions. This amazing compilation is the perfect proof! Favorite track: Hide The Trees (Live in Japan).
Rudy Carrera
Rudy Carrera thumbnail
Rudy Carrera Up until a couple of years ago, I had no idea who Markus was. It was through taking a chance on several releases that I realized that he is, and should be seen always, as a leading light in progressive rock music, whatever that term means today. He has every right to stand among the greats like King Crimson, Steven Wilson and the members of the New Wave group Japan who went on to do truly remarkable music post-makeup phase. Favorite track: Mundo Nuevo, Part 2.
Owen Keenan
Owen Keenan thumbnail
Owen Keenan The cover art is a clue - Markus Reuter is a wizard of the Hula Hoop. Favorite track: The Wedding.
Induction 03:11
Alpha I 06:57
Lurk 03:31
The Wedding 06:16
Stealth 06:23
Modus 7 07:42
Alter 04:43
Pop Killer 03:44
Velveteen 06:04
Ekhor (Edit) 08:48


Fool of Music

A glimpse into the musical world of Markus Reuter and friends

I was a mere Markus Reuter fan until May 20th 2015. By mere fan, I mean I would have the different Stick Men/Crimson ProjeKCt CDs, Todmorden 513, Same Time Next Life by Adrian Benavides, and the Iapetus Store free download compilations. After Markus and Stick Men took the stage of the Nescafé de las Artes Theatre in Santiago, Chile that night, I transformed into a die-hard fan. I started to buy each of the CDs that featured Markus as a performer and producer, one by one, starting with Kopfmensch and the four TUNER albums, and took it from there.
I have been touched deeply by the music of this very prolific man. Throughout these past 12 months, I have been listening to Markus more than any other musician. Different moods, different challenges, different approaches. All are immensely rewarding. I consider myself blessed to have had the privilege to give this music ears. His music touches different fibers within you. When I bought The Cult of: Bibbiboo, I wasn’t aware that it had been such a groundbreaking album in multiple genres; I just loved the rhythms and textures. When I bought Modus Novus and let it assault my senses, I had no idea about the manifesto behind the Quartet for the End of Time. When I dabbed into the beauty of the collaboration between Markus Reuter and Zero Ohms, I was unaware that they had been nominated for the prestigious Schallwelle prize (an important award for German electronic music) for that music. Markus is an innovator and a path-breaking discoverer, but to me, being a relative newcomer to his music, Markus is a very dear friend. Markus befriended me both as a person and through his music.

I assembled this collection of tracks with the intent to help other music lovers to become aware of Markus Reuter’s fantastic legacy. His first anthology, Kopfmensch, is a beautiful amalgam of material, and it leaves you wanting more. This new collection builds on that, and takes several steps further. It was not trivial to put together a collection that both gives a comprehensive view to Markus’s music as well as a collection that is eminently listenable on its own. Like The Beatles’ White Album. Or Pat Mastelotto’s Recidivate or Trey Gunn’s I’ll Tell What I Saw. Or the three volumes of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Or King Crimson’s Heavy ConstruKction. No skips needed. All killer, no filler. You push play, and then, a couple of hours or so later, you realize it is over. You just spent some time with a close friend, drinking a sweet cup of coffee, sharing memories and good times.


Dr. Bernardo F. Quiroga



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Markus Reuter Berlin, Germany

Markus Reuter is a German composer who has earned critical acclaim throughout Europe, Japan, North and South America for his work as a composer, guitar player, guitar designer, sound designer, producer and teacher.

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